Allrecipes Magazine

I create the Last Call article for each issue featuring a cocktail/mocktail recipe to close out the magazine. I am responsible for following the recipes through each phase of production, including tasting in the test kitchen, editing, writing the accompanying text and assisting with photo planning and layout. I also pitch ideas for, research and write the Allrecipet section that features advice for pet owners and produce other articles as assigned.

The Many Ways To Love Vanilla

Holiday Cheers

Sugar & Spice

A Tea-riffic Twist

Smoke & Sunshine

Seal the Deal

High-Tech Helpers

Fur Baby on Board

Flea’s A Crowd

Ask a Vet: Paws Off

Happy Paws

I had the rewarding experience of covering a three-legged rescue cat who was abandoned in New York City and eventually welcomed into a loving home for the rescue pet success story featured in each issue of the magazine.

Smitten with a Three-Legged Kitten

Teen Vogue

This piece was originally written for and published on FreshU, a site specializing in content for college freshmen written by college freshmen. Teen Vogue partnered with FreshU and republished one article from FreshU every week or two. My piece was one of the few selected to be republished on Teen Vogue’s website.

8 Struggles of Being a Perfectionist AND a Procrastinator

Introvert, Dear

My time flying solo for dinner and a movie turned into a fun personal experience essay for fellow introverts to relate to on Introvert, Dear, the largest online community of introverts.

One Is (Not Always) the Loneliest Number

Iowa Automobile Dealers Association

All of these articles were published in Iowa Auto Dealer, IADA’s bi-annual magazine that reaches hundreds of Iowans invested in the automotive industry’s success. Home Sweet Home was the cover story for the Spring/Summer 2018 edition. I contacted sources for each article, conducted research, wrote the articles and was heavily involved in the editing process.

Home Sweet Home

Forming the Future

Summer Swag

License Plate Lessons

Lessons Learned

Drake Magazine

I pitched my own take on each proposed story topic for a narrower focus and conducted the necessary research. I interviewed Midwesterners, ranging from chefs and restaurant managers to yoga instructors and artists. I coordinated with photographers for a cohesive final product.

The Times-Delphic

I interviewed multiple sources for each article and met all deadlines with a quick turnaround.

Drake Reaches Record Number of Applicants

Seventeen Dubs Drake a Cool School, Cites Political Opportunities

J-Term Allows Students to Play with Advertising Campaign

Violence Intervention Partner Explains Healthy Relationship Tips in Seminar

Information Technology Services Hosts Phishing Quiz to Prevent Hacking

Newsletter Layout

Iowa Automobile Dealers Association

I used InDesign to layout IADA’s Action Update bi-weekly newsletter. I also wrote the majority of newsletter content and edited each final product. Along with each full newsletter PDF, I created individual HTML files for every article and uploaded them to IADA’s website. I used Constant Contact to distribute the newsletter to around 1,000 people.










Video Production/Editing

Drake Digital News

I worked with a partner to film shots and sequences for each of these stories for Drake Digital News and individually edited each video using Adobe Premiere Pro for publication on the site. I also wrote and recorded the corresponding voiceovers for each video.