A Few of My Favorite Things

So far, my blog has been dedicated to uncovering and analyzing two important aspects that have shaped my identity: my twin-li-ness and my introversion. While being a twin and being an introvert have largely defined my identity, there are a lot of little things that make me me.

I own a lot of pink. Like a lot.

I even made my boyfriend wear pink to three separate high school dances. He loves me.

My obsession with the color pink is not what you think. I am not—nor have I ever been—a girly-girl; in fact, I spent my childhood hating the color pink because I associated it with being girly, and I always wanted to be a tomboy like my sister. We had an active childhood that included very imaginative yet somehow elaborate games, such as hula hoop tag that required stealth, quickness and also that we sneak into my neighbor’s yard to hide hula hoops. It was a fun time. For some reason, I thought liking pink would detract from my tomboy image.

Flash forward: It’s college. I have a pink backpack and am currently sitting in a pink chair writing this in my pink pajamas with my laptop resting on my pink laptop case. I don’t know when it changed or how it changed, but almost everything I own is some variety of pink. True to my tomboy nature, I have always hated shopping, but having a borderline obsession with the color pink has since made it a lot easier for me to find clothes and other items that I like. I still wear sweatpants 95% of the time, but you can guarantee on any given day that pink will somehow be incorporated into my outfit.

I’m a basic bookworm.

You can ask me about my childhood, but I would have to say the majority of it is fuzzy because I spent almost all of my time with my face buried in a book. I once got in trouble in kindergarten for reciting the opening lines to a Junie B. Jones book that I had already read when the teacher was trying to read it aloud to the class. A few years later, my mom scolded me for reading on my walk home from school, which, in retrospect, I agree is very dangerous. The point is, most people would probably have a hard time describing my face because it was always hidden behind my latest novel. One of my proudest moments is from eighth grade where I read 91 books during the school year.

Unfortunately, that was me at my peak. High school and especially college have made it difficult to get as much reading in, which is ironic since hiding behind a book could have come in handy in many instances in my adult life. Despite a drop-off in my reading habits, I still knew I wanted to be an English major, and two of my all-time favorite books are actually from my English classes. The Help was assigned to me my junior year of high school and has remained one of the best books I have ever read. Frankenstein came around my first semester of college but has stuck with me; for those who are familiar with the book, I honestly sympathize with the poor monster. However, my all-time favorite read is The Book Thief, which I just happened to read for fun sometime in high school. I don’t actively seek out historical fiction novels, but most of the books in my top five fall under that category. Follow me on Goodreads to keep up with what I’m reading.

I’m a crazy cat lady in the making.

I don’t take many selfies, but when I do, it’s because there’s a cat on my arm.

By far the worst thing about college is that I have to leave my three precious cats behind at home, and college officials have the audacity to ban animals from dorm rooms. I would never actually want to place a cat in the restricted and confined area of a dorm room, but I still resent the fact that college has to be a cat-free zone. Thankfully, I can still get my cat fix most weekends when I visit home. Is there anything better than one fat cat sprawled on your lap, another fat cat meowing down at your feet, and yet another cat settling in on your arm, restricting all possibility of movement in the immediate future? No, I don’t think so. It might be extreme to say so, but if any of my cats were to remain on my lap for an indefinite amount of time, I would stay there forever with them.

To sum it up, on an ideal day, you can find me decked out in pink with at least one fat cat on my lap, but that’s only if you find me. After all, I may be hidden behind my latest book.

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